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Web design and development company ShreeAgt serves numerous textile and garment businesses. Customers can reach you, learn about new brands, and make purchases most easily online. A fantastic website for garments, textiles, and accessories is crucial whether you're an established label or a budding fashion designer because it can help you attract customers and rival brands.

You can identify your special advantages using the methods provided by ShreeAgt. We develop a top-notch fashion website for your brand and optimize it for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Website Design

Website Design

Textile E-Commerce Software Services

To assist you in creating a strong worldwide brand, we provide a range of services. We are here to support you whether you require a tightly connected ERP system, an eCommerce website for greater sales, or a website to tell your story. We think a company with a solid technical foundation has no limits and can expand at a breakneck pace. Our customers have faith in us to provide them with precise research and data tailored to their requirements.

  • Microservices-based e-commerce development
  • Headless e-commerce development
  • Platform-based e-commerce development
  • eCommerce integration
  • Custom eCommerce development
  • eCommerce support & maintenance
  • eCommerce UX testing
  • eCommerce modernization

Benefits of a Textile eCommerce website

Using the chosen e-commerce software as the foundation for your textile online store allows you to begin your business quickly and affordably. Although all the essential business functions are contained there, you shouldn't rule out the option of creating specialised additional capabilities. Each business case's feasibility for bespoke e-commerce development is examined separately, but we can provide you advice on the areas where we see the most return on investment.

  • Easier to get repeat customers
  • Enables you to beat the competition
  • Greater volume of sales
  • Lower cost of setting up
  • Get the right customers
  • Manage business efficiently
  • Potential to scale your business
  • Easy to start
Website Design

Features of Textile E-commerce Website For the Admin to manage the Store

Admin is in charge of ensuring that all the features operate flawlessly to guarantee a seamless ordering experience. The major functions of the administrator for managing a website for selling textiles are listed below.

• SAP Integration

It is simpler for the business to get synced and correct business data, which leads to the optimal business, by integrating SAP for textile eCommerce websites. Additionally, SAP integration promotes greater consumer involvement.

• Payment Integration

Reaching ROI targets is crucial for corporate expansion. The only way to achieve that is by making transactions simple for users. The user can now make secure payments without any hassles thanks to the integration of Payfront payment integration.

• Product Management

There is an assigned order option to manage several products and categories. There will be information on all the necessities, like the tracking number, customer name, and order specifics. Choose the orders that are prepared for delivery and send them to the customer.

• Inventory Valuation and Management

Logistics management is difficult because it involves many different processes, including inventory control, warehousing, packaging, shipping, and payment collecting. Direct access to the inventory management system is required to control all of these functions.

• Discount and Management

The primary function of the textile eCommerce website solution is discount administration, which will assist in organizing and automating the company's marketing and promotional efforts. Manage consumers who have used offer codes directly and create a fresh one using the panel.

• Report Management

The ability to handle reports is a key component of precise data collection for businesses. Directly from the report management section, control all the critical reports, including the financial, acquisition, inventory, and marketing reports.

• Advanced Dashboard

Important information is displayed on the dashboard to assist you in making wise business decisions. The dashboard must display the audience, demographics, sales, and revenue. It is made simpler to use all of the dashboard's features with ease by providing an intuitive admin panel.

Why Choose ShreeAgt for Textile E-commerce Website Development Solutions

Dedicated Teams

Using a range of frameworks and technologies, our devoted development team has expertise in creating high-end business solutions.

Transparency & Integrity

We appreciate your thoughts and vision, regularly provide you with project specifics, and take into account your invaluable input as needed.

Flexible Engagement Models

Instead of forcing our customers to work inside unwelcomely strict and restrictive boundaries, we give them several engagement and job model options.

Competitive Pricing

We provide the ideal balance of cost-effective rates and great quality to achieve the lowest pricing in our market.

Agile procedure

For the greatest outcomes, we regularly host scrum events and apply the Agile methodology to improve our processes and procedures.

Customer Satisfaction

We use the most recent frameworks and technologies to give you innovative, flexible, secure, and user-friendly business solutions.

Website Design

Technologies That Power ShreeAgt

Your product's quality is ensured by picking the proper technology. Our customer was adamant about not settling for a subpar textile eCommerce solution.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • AWS
  • ERP Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Payfront

Technology Involve.


Yes, we do provide fully customized eCommerce web design services at ShreeAgt, which means we won't use templates or pre-made style guides for your online store. To design a unique website that expresses your company's personality and meets your eCommerce functionality requirements, we can work with your brand standards and creative vision.

ShreeAgt is a specialist in responsive web design and has been using the technology to create websites for years. Having a mobile-optimized eCommerce site is more crucial than ever, given the exponential growth of mobile web sales. Every website we construct is responsive, and you'll collaborate with your eCommerce designer to create the user interfaces for both desktop and mobile eCommerce websites.

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