HTML5 Game Development

The incredible potential of HTML5 programming, together with its accompanying cross-browser compatibility and scalable vector graphics, have made the phrase "HTML5 game development" popular. The HTML5 development platform is used to produce and deploy high-quality games. Delivering cross-platform games to customers worldwide, ShreeAgt is an award-winning HTML5 game development company.

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Our HTML5 Game Development Solutions

To provide your audience with unrivaled gaming experiences, ShreeAgt offers a wide range of solutions for HTML5 game creation, including re-skin, game optimization, animations, and much more. Examine our services for creating HTML5 games:

  • Html5 Application Development
  • Customize HTML5 Services
  • Casino Game Development
  • Interactive Multiplayer Games
  • Game Maintenance & Update
Website Design

Website Design


High-quality graphics and interactive features are hallmarks of HTML5. To draw in more players, it is utilized to create cross-platform games wit the help of ShreeAgt- HTML5 Games Development Company.

  • Efficient and effective solutions
  • No need for specialized coding skills
  • Develop complex design & graphics with video
  • Easily supports iPhone apps development, Android apps development
  • Supports the latest tools and technologies
  • Clean-coded game development

We use HTML5, Flash, Unity, and Phaser to create cross-platform games for desktop, mobile, and consoles to expand your game's audience!

Technology Involve.


Technological Expertise

Our HTML5 game developers at ShreeAgt have a wealth of practical knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of HTML5, and have worked with several leading game engines, frameworks, and development tools to produce a variety of HTML5 games.

Team of Experienced Testers

Our quality assurance team is made up of the most skilled testing personnel, who thoroughly test the games to ensure that they work flawlessly on all popular platforms and web browsers in terms of both functionality and user engagement.

End-to-End HTML5 Game Development

We are a group of more than 200 experts in game creation, some of which have experience with difficult HTML5 game development projects and ports. Our staff can carry out your project from the conceptual stage through to launch.

Expert Game Designers

We have game designers who have produced game designs and design papers for games of many genres because we are a full-fledged HTML5 game production company. Multi-platform game experiences are produced by our designers.

Execution through Agile Methodology

At ShreeAgt, we use the tried-and-true agile methodology and flow to create games iteratively. Any size, timetable, type, or form of project for the production of an HTML5 game can be accommodated using the workflow and methodology we employ.

Your Idea Remains Secure

We agree to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of your valuable game idea. During the development of your game, we solely discuss the specifics with the development team.

Technology stack

We use a wide range of technology to create the game of your dreams. We consider everything, from choosing the proper database, language, and framework for your project, depending on the functionality required for the HTML5 game development.

Framework & Languages

  • .Net Core
  • C#

Front end

  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • JQuery


  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • Elasticsearch


Yes, HTML5 is beneficial for the creation of video games since it includes several cutting-edge capabilities, such as unified support for the most widely used web browsers, 2D and 3D graphics, audio APIs, offline asset storage, and more. Web design firms and game development studios alike favor HTML5.

The HTML5 Game Development Process has a few stages to create browser games, let’s take a look at it.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • During the consultation meeting, the client's needs are heard as well as information is gathered to develop a prospective future game idea.
  • Game Development
  • To produce animations, audio, images, search input, backdrops, and other features, the developers engage in significant coding and lessons.
  • Game Design
  • Designing captivating stories, characters, objectives, and rules is all a part of the creative process.
  • Game Delivery
  • All elements must be integrated at this stage, including the design, colors, music, search input, degree of difficulty, and point system.

There are various game engines and development frameworks for HTML5, a potent technology. Developers and firms who specialize in HTML5 game development use some of these frameworks. The gaming community has taken notice of these engines' amazing characteristics. Below are some of these top game engines:


A JavaScript framework is called ThreeJS. One of the most potent frameworks for creating HTML5 video games is currently on the market. Because of this, HTML5 game developers frequently use it for both their own and their clients' game projects.

ThreeJS's support for 3D graphics is its standout feature. It makes use of the canvas feature of HTML and the GPU-accelerated performance features of WebGL to produce 3D experiences that are immersive and close to console quality.

The game framework also provides a wide range of additional capabilities, such as support for high LOD objects and support for VR and AR via the WebXR API.


A game engine called PlayCanvas bills itself as the "web-first gaming engine." And with good reason.

Because one of PlayCanvas' most notable advantages is that its games are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. The engine can assist developers in producing games that are compatible with the main browsers on various platforms, whether they be mobile, desktop, or tablet.

The game engine is suitable for creating solutions for various industries, such as 3D simulations and product configurators, in addition to supporting the development of games in all genres. The Entity-Component System, a potent Audio API, and Physical Based Rendering are additional elements of PlayCanvas.


A WebGL renderer is PixiJS. It is used by HTML5 game developers to make 2D games. Additionally, it is supported by a vibrant development community.

The quickness of PixiJS is one of its main advantages. The rendering pipeline of the framework is optimized to get the fastest speed possible.

The game engine also has easy-to-use API and support for multiple platforms. Additionally, a full-scene graph, sprites, animation, graphics, and an object loader are supported.


A free and open-source gaming engine is Phaser. Due to its support for 2D game development, HTML5 is used by game developers.

The TypeScript and JavaScript programming languages are supported by the game engine. Developers can use both of these strong languages. Additionally, both WebGL and Canvas elements are well supported. Furthermore, the game engine can automatically switch between both based on the requirements.

It also has multiple physics systems and support for both web audio and HTML5 audio. In addition, it also has a built-in particle system and support for various input schemes

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