Build your ad management software to take advantage of advancements in marketing, boost revenue, and reach out to new customers. With cutting-edge ad management solutions, our AdTech software development team is prepared to help you improve and expand your business. We create cutting-edge software for businesses that daily run numerous advertising and marketing campaigns across numerous channels.

  • Save up to 30% on your ad budget
  • Speed up processes with automation
  • Run your ad campaigns 10x more effectively
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AdTech and MarTech Software We Create

For a wide range of participants, including AdTech firms, digital agencies, publishers, and brands, swift, dependable, and effective AdTech solutions guarantee to achieve of business objectives more quickly and effectively. We provide end-to-end custom development and support services for ad tech solutions. We are a crucial partner for putting your ideas into practice because of our extensive experience building and maintaining scalable, high-load systems and our in-depth understanding of the AdTech sector.

Data management platforms (DMPs)

To provide information to third-party programmatic ad solutions, such as ad exchanges and demand-side platforms, combine audience data from various sources and construct anonymized profiles.

Data is collected from:

  • First-party sources: a company’s business systems and customer touchpoints like a website, social media profiles, and CRM.
  • Second-party sources: customer data from business partners who agreed to share it (suppliers, affiliates).
  • Third-party sources: data aggregators and marketplaces that sell audience data collected from multiple sources.

Agency Trading Desk

If you want to have your agency trading desk, we can build a platform for you. Our programmers take extra care to design the best features, such as data analysis and account management, conspicuously by your company's needs.

  • Data Analytics
  • Multiple DSP Integration
  • Custom Fee Management
  • Direct Access for Users
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Supply-side platform

We can create a unique SSP for you if you're an online publisher looking to advertise your ad spaces across many platforms. To find the finest real-time offers for your ad spots, your software would network with many exchanges.

  • Real-time bidding
  • Multiple platforms
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Inventory Management

Custom marketing & AdTech software

Reduce commissions spent on other AdTech businesses or intermediaries by creating a customized software solution that addresses all of your media buying requirements. The ShreeAgt Adtech software development team will use its gathered knowledge to assist you in delivering a high-performance and cost-effective solution because it has created dozens of AdTech solutions from the ground up. We create powerful advertising software solutions that are tailored to certain business prospects and demands. To successfully conduct ad campaigns and coordinate the lead generation efforts with your colleagues working on other stages of the sales funnel, the software can be readily integrated with your internal systems, including CRM, ERP, a real-time bidding platform, a demand-side platform (DSP), and others. Additionally, our ad tech engineers may implement your ad management project ideas by creating the best possible solution from start.

  • CRM
  • Real-time Bidding
  • SSP’s
  • DMP’s
  • Targeting & Retargeting
  • Analytics Platforms
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Benefit from AdTech Development

  • Optimize your company’s budget as commissions to intermediaries are no longer required
  • Integrate the technology into your marketing tech stack or third-party services
  • Coordinate all advertising campaigns across platforms
  • Outperform your competitors using innovative methods of Big Data collection and analysis
  • Reach goals of any complexity based on unique business needs
  • Gain full control over advertising inventory and data
  • Improve your advertising strategy with up-to-date and efficient tools
  • Build your end-to-end platforms that can resolve AdTech challenges promptly
  • Establish a trusting relationship with your partners

Leverage Sales And Marketing Efforts With Real-Time Analytics

Utilize an integrated business intelligence solution to gain knowledge from a real-time perspective of the purchasing power and consumer behavior of your customers. We work with you to connect cutting-edge BI applications like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, and others and create unique dashboards that meet your demands. Give your staff the knowledge they need to comprehend the data so they can make crucial marketing strategy decisions more quickly and reduce the likelihood of wasting advertising budget dollars.

  • Automated data collection and report generation
  • Connectivity with ML and AI-powered solutions
  • Data visualization with custom dashboards
  • Real-time view
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Improve And Automate Marketing Workflows With A Custom CRM Solution

Our highly qualified developers create Customer Relationship Management software that is dependable, scalable, and compatible with other business systems, third-party tools, and cutting-edge technology. Increase the visibility of marketing procedures linked to managing communications, advertising, and consumer involvement.

  • Standardized and structured customer-related data
  • Customer communication management
  • Big data processing and automation
  • Reports generation and analytics

Technology Involve.

Our Expertise

We develop reliable ad tech software that can process a lot of data, integrate with prominent ad management systems, manage ad campaigns, produce ad campaign tracking software, and generate contracts for advertising organizations.

Big data Solutions

We develop big data advertising technologies that make it possible to analyze user insights, including the daily influx of new users, their activity and online behavioral patterns, the identification of viral trends, and collaborative filtering.

AR & Vr Apps

We develop big data advertising technologies that make it possible to analyze user insights, including the daily influx of new users, their activity and online behavioral patterns, the identification of viral trends, and collaborative filtering.

Why trust ShreeAgt with AdTech Software development Services?

Over a decade of experience with AdTech product development

Profit from our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of technology in the creation of programmatic and programmatic video solutions for AdTech brands.

99.4% is our average software uptime

Our skilled AdTech developers are aware of how to optimize a high-performance advertising technology platform while lowering costs and downtime.

Free ShreeAgt low-code platform

Utilize our in-house AdTech low-code platform to reduce the cost of software development and accelerate time to market.

Plug-and-play teams of senior AdTech talent

Take advantage of our highly skilled software engineers for advertising technology. Our software engineers have over 10 years of expertise in developing AdTech solutions on average.

AdTech consulting from ideation to release and scale-up

Programmatic advertising and programmatic video advertising development projects are supported by ShreeAgt for our partners. We never abandon them or send them on their path adrift.

ShreeAgt solutions can handle up to 1M QPS

Increase and scale your AdTech system to simplify handling massive amounts of concurrent requests and high traffic spikes.


Adtech software development is the process of creating software and technology that is used to deliver and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This can include a wide range of technologies such as programmatic advertising, ad servers, ad networks, and ad exchanges.

Your question is reasonable, however, it won't be fair if we only provide a rough estimate in this case. The implementation and construction of each of the several aspects that make up an AdTech solution would require some time and money. We won't be able to provide you with an estimate until we know your precise needs. You can submit the paperwork you have so far and request a quote using the form below. We will call you with the quote.

Since the procedure is heavily reliant on customization, we will start by gathering your needs. At our company, we use a variety of approaches to design software solutions.

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